Extreme Bingo

Last night Steph and I decided to spend the evening playing Bingo for the first time. Well, it was my first time playing. Steph still had Bingo calluses from years ago so I knew I was in good hands. We had some really good Thai for dinner to re-energize and headed to the local church in Watertown. The mood was surly and the blue-hairs were on edge when they saw us youngsters enter the auditorium. We knew chances of winning were low seeing as how we were late, we only bought two books of Bingo cards and our dabbers still weren't broken in. None the less, we took our seats and started marking our numbers. Action was hot and heavy and we were close a few games but it was getting late and only a couple games remained. Could we yell "Bingo" and win some cold hard cash before the end of the night? Yes! At exactly 8:53 pm Steph filled in I23 for a prime Bingo! There were boo’s, sighs and even death threats from the retiree’s but we kept our ground and received a cash prize of $300! Seriously though, it was a lot of fun! Here are some pictures from the evening.